We believe that you deserve better. And with the use of technology, we are happy to say that ‘better’ has finally arrived.

With the ORIX Fleet Portal, we provide you with an end-to-end solution which helps you manage your fleet efficiently, improve driver safety and help you achieve your CSR aspirations.

Understanding that managing a fleet effectively requires active involvement from both fleet managers and vehicle users (drivers) we have also tailored our solution to meet the needs of both via our Fleet Portal website and a separate mobile app.


With the ORIX Fleet Portal website, we provide information online to help your fleet managers monitor and manage your fleet. Best of all, data is summarized via simple, intuitive analysis with the option to drill down on details of specific units that require special attention.

Vehicle/Contract Details

- Contract details
- Payment history
- Traffic tickets

Maintenance Details and Forecasts

- Maintenance history
- Reminder for next maintenance, tire and battery change

Support For IFRS 16

- Operating lease treatment as prescribed by IFRS
- Option to set your own interest rates


With our optional GPS package, we can help fleet managers monitor dangerous driving behavior, fuel efficiency and vehicle utilization. With these additional insights, many of our customers have been able to reduce accidents, improve fuel efficiency and optimize the size of their vehicle fleet.

Driving behavior

- Speeding
- Braking
- Accelerating
- Cornering
- Idling

Fuel efficiency

- Monthly average mileage
- Monthly fuel efficiency(km/l)


- Over speeding
- Over time usage
- Idling time


For your employees, we have a separate mobile app which is similar and yet entirely different from the website. Through this app, information and services are personalized for each driver to ensure that they drive safely, get prompt service, and receive important notifications (maintenance, tire changes, traffic tickets, etc.).

Working in conjunction with the ORIX Fleet Portal website, the mobile app helps distribute important information and handle routine service requests. This can free up time for your fleet manager to focus on implementing further improvement to your fleet operations.

Some of things your employees can do with the mobile app today:

   For Android Phone

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For iPhone

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We Believe That You Deserve More

While other leasing companies will simply refer you to a GPS provider, we developed our own system that satisfies all of your fleet management needs in one place.

Open Architecture

Understanding that you may already have an existing GPS provider, simply ask them to provide your GPS data in our format and we can display it. As more service platforms are added, the same philosophy will apply.

We Are Agile

Upgrades and enhancements happen every quarter, expect more exciting new features to be introduced this year!

Download Brochure

You can download our brochure in PDF format below.

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