EV IS Good for the Environment and Can help you save money

Using electric vehicles (EVs) powered by renewable energy can achieve Zero Carbon Emissions. In addition, electric car charging costs is half the price when compared with a ICE (Gasoline) car for driving the same distance.

With our competitive lease rents, using EVs have never been so compelling, instead it can contribute to cost reduction.

CO2 Emissions
CO2 Emissions

Fuel Cost
Fuel Cost


EV leasing is the easy way to make the switch. You get all the benefits of a brand new car, without the hassle of owning it. All for an affordable monthly payment. Whatever you need, we ORIX can help you find the right leasing deal. Plus, you can come back to us any time for support.

Better Cost Control

One fixed monthly fee for the use, maintenance, tires and insurance of your EV.

No Risk at Resale

There is no worry about the dropping the resale price of EV. Competitive residuals when we quote your lease rent.

One Stop Service

We help you manage your EV fleet from purchase, maintenance and insurance until disposal.

What's included in the Basic Package

We help you manage your EV fleet through our basic, All-in-One Leasing package, which covers everything you need to use EVs, except electricity and traffic tickets.

Flexible terms

Our flexible terms allow you customize a lease that best fits your requirements.
In addition, a variety of EV brands and models are available today with more to come.


  • 12 months
  • 24 months
  • 36 months
  • 48 months
  • 60 months

Asset Type

  • EV Sedans & SUVs
  • EV Trucks
  • EV Chargers


  • Self Service
  • Full Service


  • Operating Lease Rental
  • Operating Lease Purchase Option
  • Operating Lease Purchase

Achieve Your Decarbonization Goals thru ORIX EV Leasing!


“Better choice for the environment”


“Cost saving thru carbon credits”

Download Brochure

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