We live in exciting times where being environmentally friendly also makes perfect business sense.

Working with leading suppliers and contractors in Thailand, we can help you achieve your energy saving aspirations end-to-end: from design and installation, to finance and maintenance over the lifetime of the asset.

Through innovative leasing solutions we help provide rooftop solar power, LED lighting, energy-efficient air conditioning that help you save right away and with minimal risk to your business.

Solar Rooftop
Air Conditioning System
LED Lighting


Through continuous innovation, the cost of energy saving equipment is now low enough to justify investment.

Some indicative savings that your business can enjoy:

Solar Rooftop

You can save 15-30% on daytime electricity charges by installing solar panels on your rooftop.

Air Conditioning

You can save up to 25-35% on air conditioning (electricity) costs by using air conditioning systems with inverters. This is appropriate for companies that currently use non-inverter type air conditioning


LED lighting helps you save up to 40-60% on electricity costs and last five times more than incandescent lighting. LED lighting can be employed both for residential (hospitals, apartment complexes, etc.) and industrial use.


To maximize the benefits of solar power for your business, we have developed a solar leasing scheme that takes into account the unique nature of solar power generation. Unlike normal leasing schemes, our monthly lease payments are based on the solar power that your business consumes at a discounted rate. With no upfront investment and lease terms of up to 15 years, you save on day one and with minimal risk to your business.

Normal Leasing:
Normal Leasing:

You pay a fixed amount regardless of how much you use/save

ORIX Solar Lease:
ORIX Solar Lease:

You pay in proportion to the amount you save

Benefits to your business

Direct Savings

Cost per kWh that we charge is based on prevailing MEA/PEA rates less a fixed discount, fixed rate option also available to negate effects of inflation.

Minimal Risks During The Lease Term

Maintenance and repair costs are already included in your lease payment, you can rest assured that we have selected quality equipment and that there are no unexpected costs.

No Upfront Investment, Lease Term Of Up To 15 Years

This allows you to enjoy savings from day one without using up your precious capital.

In addition to our solar lease scheme, we also provide financial leases of solar equipment for lease terms of up to 5 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ORIX A EPC* Contractor?

A : No, but we work closely with EPC contractors that help design, permit, install, test and maintain your solar plant throughout the entire lease term. By doing this, we can also work with a contractor that you select without any conflict of interest.
*EPC = Engineering Procurement Construction

Why Should We Lease Via ORIX Rather Than Sign Up For A PPA* Offered By A EPC Contractor?

A : Due to our strong financial standing, in most cases we are able to source capital more cost effectively than EPC contractors. These savings are relayed to you via deeper discounts relative to what EPCs typically offer.
*PPA = Power Purchase Agreement

I Have Seen Some EPCs Include A Minimum Payment In Their PPA, Does The Solar Lease Also Have A Minimum Monthly

A : Yes, but the minimum payment is typically only ~60% of your current electricity charge. Unless your company closes operations for a long period of time, the minimum payment is unlikely to affect you.

As A Public Company, Wouldn’t A PPA Make More Sense Than Leasing In Light Of Off-Balance Sheet Treatment?

A : Per the new IFRS16 accounting standards, Power Purchase Agreements are also accounted for as leases, as such both PPAs and leases are treated as on-balance sheet items.
Enclosed is an article published by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development on this topic “IFRS accounting outline for Power Purchase Agreements.”
For a more specific recommendation, please consult your accountant.


ORIX has extensive experience in renewable energy and energy savings. In collaboration with ORIX Environmental and Energy Services (EES) we bring this experience to Thailand.

Via self-investment of ground and rooftop mounted solar plants to customer installations, ORIX EES is the largest solar power provider in Japan with a total installed base of 2,000+ Megawatts. ORIX EES also actively invests in biomass, wind, hydro, and geothermal power in Japan and international markets.

In addition to renewable energy, ORIX EES also provides ESCO services to help companies realize energy savings through installation of energy efficient production/utility equipment, fuel conversion to reduce CO2 emissions, and joint-filing for government grants and subsidies.

Solar Power
Wind power
Hydro power

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